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Meet Jennifer Tronco Armento

Master Practical Homeopath, PHOM M
& Herbal Specialist, CH

If you are looking for guidance on your holistic journey you've come to the right place.  Not only have I been helping others through herbal and homeopathic methods for over 25 years, I myself have walked the path of ill health and my friend are not alone.  I have been where you are and I'm here to show you there's hope, there's healing, and there's happiness waiting for you.

​I am beyond passionate about helping you navigate your healing and healthy lifestyle and to help you learn how to incorporate these methods into your daily life so that you can better meet your families needs through what nature has to offer rather than drugs of commerce.  What I have learned on my journey is my privilege and blessing to pass on to you.

As a certified Master Practical Homeopath using Banerji protocols & as a Clinical Herbalist I can consult with you for your acute or chronic illness to help you recover naturally.  I also hold classes and workshops of various topics to help you gain knowledge to use natural healing for yourself and your loved ones.  I have been blessed to foster a like minded holistic community that meets in person and online for support, healing, and co ops.  This White Hawk Holistic tribe is full of amazing folks sharing in life's beautiful gifts and a natural lifestyle.  We are so glad you're here.

Healthy Starts Here

Practical Homeopathy & Herbal Wellness Consultations & Education

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Why Naturopathy

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an over 200 year old holistic system of medicine that helps the body uproot disease and naturally restore its equilibrium. Here's a peek at its sweeping ability ...


GI conditions of all types are often beautifully resolved with the natural harmony of homeopathy.

Acute Illness

Homeopathy has a sweeping ability to help you through any urgent illness rather than driving illness deep and to chronic levels as drugs of commerce often do.  Colds, flus, First Aid, Covid, surgery, epidemics, natural disasters...homeopathy has seen it all.


The stress of modern life or a trauma can quickly take its toll.  Homeopathy gently helps the body to find and maintain balance, helping you to weather any storm.

Uproot Chronic Conditions

For centuries Homeopathic remedies have helped millions resolve long-term conditions. Chronic pain, allergies, fatigue, mood disorders, GI, hormonal issues, autism,  PANDAS, viral, thyroid, eczema, arthritis, lyme, asthma, autoimmune...the list could go on indefinitely.  There is not a human or animal condition that homeopathy has not helped uproot. 

Pets & Farm Animals

The same amazing remedies that help us can help our pets & livestock as well.  


Homeopathic treatments have no economic boundary.  The remedies are light on the wallet without skimping on the healing ability.  

What Clients Have To Say

“With Jennifer's help I am feeling the healthiest I ever have and I feel empowered to naturally handle whatever life brings our way.”

— Suzzanne B. 

To Book a Consult or Inquire about Classes
please text Jen at 732-778-5023 for her current schedule


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Tabernacle, NJ hours by appointment


About White Hawk Holistic

Whether in person at our Wellness Center or online we are your place to

Connect ~ HeaL ~ and Grow 

White Hawk Holistic Wellness Center is a Private Membership Association.  Think of us like a spa membership for your holistic wellness journey.  You become a lifetime member with the purchase of your first consultation or workshop or you can purchase a membership on its own.   There are members only benefits throughout the year as well as a members only section of our site (coming soon).  

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Disclaimer:  I, Jennifer Tronco Armento, am a practical homeopathic educational consultant, herbalist, and the founder/owner of White Hawk Holistic pma.  I am not a medical physician and am not diagnosing, treating or prescribing for any disease.  Any information presented on this website/blog, in private consultation, or at a White Hawk Holistic pma event/workshop is intended for educational purposes only, it is up to the reader or client to choose how they will use the information.  For diagnosis of any condition you may have please see your medical doctor.  The relationship we share between myself, Jennifer Tronco Armento  of White Hawk Holistic and any client or reader is one of client and educator.  The information on this website is not legally intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  It is fully your choice to use any information presented on this website/blog and therefore you waive I, Jennifer Tronco Armento and White Hawk Holistic pma of any and all liability therin.

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