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Earth Day Every Day~ You Can Make A Difference

Today is International Earth Day but besides a quick sentiment you may have just moved on with your day thinking that there’s no way one person like you could help “save” the planet or protect the amazing resources we have. I wanted to take a minute to let you know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You CAN Make a Difference-Every. Single. Day!

One person can make a huge difference. As one person you can make choices every day that help rather than hinder protecting our planet. YOU can decide to eat foods grown locally with less pesticides or none at all, to clean your home without chemicals, to consolidate trips in your car instead of driving out multiple times. YOU can decide to use better lighting, to use less chemicals on your lawn, help preserve parks & forests. YOU can reduce, reuse, recyle, upcycle, buy fair trade, conserve water, compost. YOU can demand change and YOU can vote with your dollar with every purchase you make.

Look at the power YOU have! If all of us choose to make small changes every day then the global impact will be huge. And if we teach that to our kids-even larger! But it all starts with YOU & with ME. We have to take ownership of it, we have to show others how easy it is, we have to help others understand how important it really is.

This is what it’s about, what “saving” our planet REALLY truly looks like day to day. It’s about each of us making choices that are more in harmony with our planet, rather than against it. About voting with our dollar every time we make a purchase. About working together to lighten our footprint on our planet. It’s about each of us making small changes in our homes and in our lives because all of those small changes together add up-they quickly add up to a huge impact. An impact that starts with US and spreads around the world. You can make a difference-you ARE the difference, there is no Planet B! A big part of our mission at White Hawk Holistic & the Green Mommas Movement is to help spread this important message to people across our globe and help folks just like you learn how easy it is to make small everyday changes that add up. If you’d like to know more or join us on our mission please let me know. The time has never been better to help others live greener & healthier.

~Many Blessings, Jen

“One by One We Make a Difference and Together We Can Change the World.” ~Jennifer Tronco Armento, 1996

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