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Silicea ~ The Cell Salt Splinters Run From!

Ouch! As my husband banged his hand on the wooden door to break up a barn cat brawl that we stumbled upon he exclaimed Owwwww that went right under my fingernail! He turned around to present his hand to me and there was - a large splinter so far under his fingernail that there was no way to attempt removal with tweezers.

But my husband, ever the astute homeopathic student (and smart guy to listen to his wife-wink wink) immediately said can you grab me the silicea (aka silica) this one’s going to need some homeopathy.

He remembered how silicea 6 helped him with a thorn that was stuck in his foot last summer. He could hardly walk it was so sore and painful. Within 2 days of taking silicea the thorn dis-embedded itself and was found in his sock!

This time he reached for silicea 6 again and after the second dose the white paint from the door appeared loose on the fingertip and he could grab it to show me. After the third dose he came practically running exclaiming wow you’ve got to take a photo of this one! The silicea had helped give his body a gentle nudge to push out this painful piece of wood and it was sticking out from under his fingernail! He is insisting I show you all so here is a cell phone photo of his finger.

He then simply plucked it out and all is well, no more splinter!

So how does Silicea work? It is a cleansing homeopathic cell salt that helps the body eliminate non-functional material. In this case the embedded foreign object. It’s best known for this ability to assist the body to supperate things like wood, glass, thorns, prickles from plants, metal shards, etc.

Silicea itself is quartz- an important structure of skin, nails, and hair. Some people also take silicea to help strengthen these parts of the body. It is also considered vital for the production of collagen and in support of the body’s connective tissue. You can get siicea in your diet from silica rich foods like green beans, lentils, leafy greens, bananas, and brown rice.

Eating lentils wont oust a splinter though so back to homeopathic silicea-while not an immediate result for removing foreign objects will be seen I’d say expelling these invaders in an average of 3-6 doses is pretty amazing for this mighty cell salt! If you don’t have it in a 6 then you can try a 12 or 30 potency as well.

I’ve had success for myself and clients using silicea 6 to push out glass shards, metal shavings, and countless splinters. As a mom of two boys let’s just say they also know to grab the silicea for all the things they get stuck in their skin! Most Recently I got a prickle from a pumpkin plant stuck in my pinky and whew did that little thing hurt. After one dose of silicea my body formed a capsule around the prickly thorn and began its work. It took only 3 doses for that annoying painful prickle to get expelled bringing me much relief and consolation. Now that’s some natural healing!

Silcea 6 for the win-and a great addition to your homeopathic first aid kit!

Many Blessings to You and Yours,


P.S. I love to spread the good word of homeopathy by teaching classes such as Gateway to Homeopathy 1 & 2, Homeopathy for First Aid, Homeopathy for Allergies, Homeopathic Help for Skin, and so many more. Follow our facebook page to see what classes are coming up.

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